Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tree 5 - Catching them unawares

Of course, there comes a time when you turn round unexpectedly and come face-to-face with a tree watching you closely. This tree was wide-eyed with surprise when it realised I had caught it with both eyes open! I had been too quick and it had not had time to close its eyes. Mind you, the sight of my face with its look of amazement and open mouth must have come as a real shock to it, too. Once we had got over the surprise, we enjoyed a friendly giggle. He had seen the grumpy tree looming over me earlier on, but didn't have time to warn me!


  1. I like this tree serie very much !!!especially the names you give them ! nice, very nice !

  2. I love this photo, and your story and description are delightful!

  3. Great blog yours. Thank you for visiting!