Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Human Statues

I am sure they are a common sight in many cities of the world. I am referring to the street artists who dress up as statues and stand motionless on a plinth. When someone drops a coin into their collecting dish, they move and this normally produces a scream from the person making the donation! Here in Bath, I waited until the 'statue' took a break so it could indulge in a coffee and a cigarette. Always polite, I asked quietly if I could take a shot and he quickly adopted three poses for me to capture - what a gentleman! It reminds me of the old Hamlet cigar advert. Of the three, I quite like the shot where his twinkling eyes are looking directly at me.


  1. Its a fading talent...
    Great pictures and thanks for posting..
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  2. You have the most fascinating posts!!! Actually, I have never seen street artists in the states....but maybe I don't travel around The first time I enjoyed them was at the Fringe in Edinburgh.

  3. Thanks again, Krishna.

    Linda, thank you! We have a lot in Bath and there was one, since retired, who was a Roman centurion - very scary! I have always fancied going to the Fringe Festival, you lucky thing!
    Best wishes

  4. Yep!.. love the second picture.. he looks slightly creepy in that one, like a Dr Who monster... I can imagine the plot now!

  5. I recently saw some Statue Of Liberty versions in NYC. They weren't very convincing, though, as they couldn't seem to stand still.

    I'm not so sure your fellow has coffee in his cup!

  6. Love these! I encountered my first human statue at an amusement park in Arkansas. I had no idea (until that horrifying moment) that such an art existed. I haven't touched a mannequin crotch since then.

    (just kidding...
    I touch them all the time, just to make sure.)

  7. I love them! I am in love with them!
    I am liking this old chap too. He looks almost ghost like with the cup and cig more 'real'.
    I am liking how you capture moments in time.