Friday, 15 May 2009

Souvenirs of the Paris Dogs Cemetery 2

The grave of Toto looks pretty new in this photograph. Toto was born in 1905 and died in 1926, making him 21 years of age. That is quite an age for any dog. There is a photograph of Toto on the column, but I cannot see well enough to recognise the breed. What amazes me is how clean and uncluttered the cemetery is, but I guess more and more memorials were added over the years. Owen Phillips of the Magic Lantern Show blog recently visited the cemetery - perhaps he can give us an appreciation of what it is like today?


  1. Laurie, I'm taking a stab here, but the photo looks to me to be a "Pug", that flat, dark face but light colored body, wide spread legs... see these sites and see what you think...

    I've been meaning to do another post or two about the animal cemetery, still have quite a few photos from the other day not posted yet, one or two give a more general view, will try and get to that this weekend. . . hopefully ! If I don't get waylaid by any vilainous rabbits... or squirrels !

    If not done already, don't miss :

    (I said that already, didn't I ??? Or was I dreaming I did, but didn't??? I'm losing it !!!) :-D

  2. Thanks, Owen. Yes you have already mentioned the squirrel. Honestly, you're nuts and definitely losing it! Incidentally, I know a squirrel joke:

    Why does a squirrel swim on its back?

    Answer: to keep it's nuts dry! Boom, boom!!

  3. Laurie, I think you better send that one to Mr Lone Grey, I'm sure he will love it... if you haven't already...

    And that begs the question then...

    Why does a squirrel sleep on his back while swimming?

    Answer : To have a wet dream ! Boom !

    Oh dear, that's poor taste... Owen ! Naughty Owen !!!

  4. I'm sorry Laurie ! I know, that was pushing the envelope, my wife is shocked too, I promise I won't let any more varmint stories about squirrel swimming carry me away in the currants... uhh, currents...

  5. Thanks Owen, phew!
    Incidentally, re our conversation on the iron-eating tree about tidbits and titbits. I note webster has titbit as a variant of tidbits. While not trying to out do your titmouse, in the UK we have Great Tits, Blue Tits, Marsh Tits and Willow Tits. The latter is quite rare and I had a number of ornothologists erecting their tripods and telescopes in my bathroom which directly overlooks the bird table - I had all four species in my garden. Oh, and I forgot the Bearded Tit which I haven't seen. The nearest site for that is a reed bed near Weston-Super-Mare.