Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Little Fluffy Clouds

Sometimes, when I stare at the sky, the clouds seem more active than normal. These are very fluffy. Is there a name for this type of cloud formation?

Optical Illusion

When I discovered this photograph, I couldn't work it out. First, I thought my cat Tangwyn was climbing some snow-covered steps. Then I thought she must be descending the steps. I am still not sure - what do you reckon?

Monday, 28 December 2009

Who Killed Cock-Robin?

I felt very, very sad when I discovered a dead robin in the undergrowth. There was, however, a certain beauty in its stillness and I was moved to take a post mortem photograph. Later, I remembered the old English folk song:

"Who killed Cock Robin?" "I," said the Sparrow,
"With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin."
"Who saw him die?" "I," said the Fly,
"With my little eye, I saw him die."
"Who caught his blood?" "I," said the Fish,
"With my little dish, I caught his blood."
"Who'll make the shroud?" "I," said the Beetle,
"With my thread and needle, I'll make the shroud."
"Who'll dig his grave?" "I," said the Owl,
"With my pick and shovel, I'll dig his grave."
"Who'll be the parson?" "I," said the Rook,
"With my little book, I'll be the parson."
"Who'll be the clerk?" "I," said the Lark,
"If it's not in the dark, I'll be the clerk."
"Who'll carry the link?" "I," said the Linnet,
"I'll fetch it in a minute, I'll carry the link."
"Who'll be chief mourner?" "I," said the Dove,
"I mourn for my love, I'll be chief mourner."
"Who'll carry the coffin?" "I," said the Kite,
"If it's not through the night, I'll carry the coffin."
"Who'll bear the pall? "We," said the Wren,
"Both the cock and the hen, we'll bear the pall."
"Who'll sing a psalm?" "I," said the Thrush,
"As she sat on a bush, I'll sing a psalm."
"Who'll toll the bell?" "I," said the bull,
"Because I can pull, I'll toll the bell."
All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
When they heard the bell toll for poor Cock Robin.

One of Life's Mysteries

Just once in a while, you come across something unusual. What do you think it is?

Pensive Panda and other Mosaics

I once had an opportunity to visit Washington Zoo and was very taken with the mosaic animal images on the entrance walls. There were several - here are a few to enjoy:



Blogs of Note 2

Jackie Morris' new blog contains a post detailing her love of moleskine sketchbooks to write and draw in. She provides two links to sites that record some of the fantastic art made by others in their own sketchbooks. Click here and then here. Enjoy!

Blogs of Note 1

Taking an opportunity to read through the links on this blog, I was pleased to see that the marvellous illustrator Jackie Morris has now transferred her journal to Blogger and can be viewed here. Please go and visit.

Friday, 25 December 2009