Monday, 11 May 2009

Feet of Endurance

Having had a very,very strong and very, very large Americano, I felt more than a bit hyper so I thought I would do something very daring, possibly shocking - photograph my feet and share them with you here. That said, I got a bit shy when thinking about undressing so kept my shoes and socks on - I hope that's all right for everyone? Anyway, I have been trying to work out which, in foot terms, is my best side, Left or Right? Do let me know.


  1. Which leg got hurt, Laurie? I notice the left ankle is turned out slightly, to compensate for the pain?

  2. Well I'd like to see your little toes Laurie!

  3. Well spotted, Margaret. Yes it is the left one - ouch! By the way, your blog is looking pretty good at the moment - I'll cheer myself up in a moment and have another peek. That'll give me a lift!

    Liz, I wanted to say if you show me yours, then I'll show you mine - but that's probably terribly politically incorrest so I won't. That said, I am taking photos for two days at a conference in Stratford-on-Avon this week and . . . if I feel up to it, I'll take my sock off and snap my little toes, but it is at your own risk! Any preference? Left or right?


  4. Hi Laurie, I see you are following the rule number seventeen in the Bible of Blogging : When all else fails, photograph your feet, (but do not insert in mouth, yet).

    Rule number 26 says : If even after photographing your feet and starting a stimulating, scintillating (or should I say "scent"illating) discussion about them, the comment trail peters out, then by all means insert in mouth, after washing them of course. If you have recently visited a farm where cases of foot and mouth disease have occurred, do not insert in mouth under any circumstances.

    Well, as you can see, I was at a total loss for something interesting, charming, and funny to say about two feet clad in a pair of comfortable looking leather shoes... so I ad-libbed it a bit. Now, as for your exchange with Buskitten about those little toes, are you familiar with that famous song by Michael Franks called "Popsicle Toes" ??? If not, I recommend strongly a quick trip to YouTube where if you search by those names you will find it quickly, its a great jazz tune with wonderful lyrics !!!

  5. Well, I like the left one. (grin) You are so funny!

  6. Well, Laurie, here's where my head's at....which is the right and which is the left ;- ) Not Americano....just chardonnay!