Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dancing Ladies

Imagine finding these growing at the bottom of your garden? I saw them when I visited the historic Blue House in the Somerset town of Frome. I think they are a fine example of the woodcarver's art.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Bells, The Bells!

Take a five young men and a group of bells, and what have you got? Answer? A handbell choir (known as a handbell ensemble in the USA). I found this among a box of glass plate negatives. It was taken around 1905 and I wonder what became of them. They seem quite young. I wonder if any of them fought in the First World War which commenced only nine years later . . .

Monday, 25 October 2010

Jolly Roger Adopts a New Disguise!

Not content with being a Pirate, our subject got his wife to join him in a Royal pose and it reminds me of the act of creating events in costume for photographs - tableau vivant. Wikipedia gives a good account here.  Later, she poses for photographs of her own - enjoy and wonder!

Now, which Royals are they imitating?

Where did you get that hat?

Floral hat!

With a shepherdesses crook, does this depict Little Bo Peep?

Friday, 22 October 2010

My Name is Jolly Roger!

Back in July, I scanned a large number of glass plate negatives. Many were of members of a well-to-do family. A popular pastime in the 1900s was to dress up in costume and pose for photographers. Here are two snaps of the head of the family. It begs the question, "what on earth was he thinking?" Mind you, when I drove up the Turquoise Trail between Albuquerque and Sante Fe, I stopped at an artists' colony and dressed up as a cowboy in a photographic portrait studio. Not a pretty sight and no I am not going to publish any shots here!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Madcap Map!

I was fascinated to read a report in the Independent  and Daily Telegraph newspapers about a cult cartoonist Mr Munroe who has spent some months compiling a map for social network's lost souls. Munroe's Map of Online Communities is well worth a viewing. You'll find the link to the articles here and here. Enjoy!

Map of Online Communities (2010 Update)

Monday, 11 October 2010

New Home, New Garden

Well, it has finally stopped raining and, as the sun came out, I took the opportunity to take the first photographs at our new home. While not Hillside Cottage, there are a number of plus points. Only five minutes walk to the open countryside, for a start and the garden is not too bad. It has a surprise at the bottom which you will see by scrolling through the photos, below. It made my day when I saw it!

A view from the upstairs window
Steps lead to the Contemplation level

A bench lies hidden to one side

A place to sit and contemplate

At the rear of the garden is this fine vegetable patch!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Wartime Snapshots

A few weeks ago, I scanned a small collection of negatives relating to the Second World War. I was pleased to find they showed a pilot and his aircraft - a Fairey Swordfish, often dubbed the 'Stringbag'.
I wish I knew who he was, but for those who appreciate the sight of an historic aircraft, here they are.

Flying over a reservoir

The pilot is on the right

Another view of the pilot
Several Swordfish lined up on a grass strip

Ground crew work on this Stringbag

Proud of his work

Friday, 1 October 2010

New Home!

Well, we got the keys to our new home today. It rained and rained! I got the TV working and then it lost the signal. I got the new broadband working and then the wifi dropped out. I . . . well, the list is endless. The cats are pleased to be out of the cattery, but it is very cold in the house. The previous owner took all the curtains and we haven't got the gas central heating working yet. A small camping stove helps mask the fact that there is no cooker, fridge, washing machine etc.etc., but it will all come together in time. Total rewiring is the first job to be done, but it will be some time before the electrician can start the work - groan! Never mind, at least I managed to connect an ethernet cable up to the broadband hub so I can post this. Welcome to a new world!