Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jack Russell - Showing off his Best Side

I thought I ought to share this latest acquisition with you all as this Jack Russell is much less 'excited' than the previous dog featured in recent post. That said, it you click on the image you will notice that the printer has blurred the potential problem area . . . The inscription at the bottom of the photograph simply states: Minnie Smith 1919. Now is the dog called Minnie and a member of the Smith family or is it the name of the owner? What strikes me about this portrait is that the dogs attention to whatever is going on off camera to the left is absolutely total. Could the owner be holding a titbit or the Jack Russell's favourite toy? Now that raises another question. Did dogs have treats such as chocolate drops or chews in 1919 and did they have tinned dog food at that time? Probably not, unless of course you know otherwise. Would anyone like to guess what is holding the dog's attention, please?


  1. Hhhmmmmm...It HAS to be food--maybe a great big juicy steak????

  2. I bet his owner has him so well trained that he just has to say, "Sit." A dog will sit like that until he's released. Of coure, he then deserves a treat: at that time, beef jerky?