Sunday, 24 May 2009

Angel Serenity

I photographed this angel just a couple of days ago. What intrigues me is that she forms part of the gravestone and is not a separate, standing figure. Her expression is one of serenity - a refreshing change from the usual weeping, mourning angels more commonly seen.

In terms of of photographing headstones and especially something like this angel, there an important thing to remember. Move around and vary the angle of your shot - it makes a real difference. Here are just a few examples to show what can be achieved. I have not included the standard profile photograph or the close-ups of the inscription, the latter to save having to write down the details - as long as the inscription is legible and . . . you are confident of your photographic competence. What you don't want to have happen is that you travel 50 miles to visit the cemetery and then get back to find everything is badly exposed! Of course, everything is so much better now - with a digital camera, you can check if the photo came out straight away.

Good luck and . . . keep making a record of history!


  1. I love the lychen on this angel, it seems to be strategically placed. The face of the angel is indeed a refreshing change from the norm. I love the surprise and that softness you get with film photography, I've got two s.l.r cameras now (and about seven films I need to get developed!). However, digital photography definately has it's draw. It's a shame though, I feel the days of photography as an actual art may be coming to a close. So much can be done in the click of a mouse now.
    I love the third picture, with the angel looking like the portrait of Jesus nursing his bleeding heart.

  2. I love them all!It is fine oportunity for me to visit some quiet places as I used to do as a jong girl.Graveyeards were my favorite places to walk around,write or drow.Beautiful photos,ciao Sandra

  3. That is a very beautiful angel.....serene as you said. Very nice.

  4. Wonderful angles, and thank you for the tips! What a difference in perspective based on the angel's profile.

  5. New meaning to "eternal rest." she lay down as though to sleep... So gentle, so young. Arm folded against her chest. It would give me a lot of peace to visit her here and see that she was tranquil.

  6. I love these photos--they fill my eyes so very completely. This is the greatest and biggest compliment I can give.

    I would like to know if you would mind if I used one of your photos as a basis for a drawing? I would LOVE to do a colored pencil of this angel. Let me know--I would credit you with the photography, and include a link.

    Let me know, and have a GREAT weekend!

  7. I founded the fingers of this angel in "Art of the city"...! Really !
    Dans tous les cas, j'adore les couleurs de ces photographies ! Beaucoup de sensibilité de votre part s'en dégage !
    Merci beaucoup Laurie !

    See you ! :)

  8. Watercats, Two slrs and filme? Wow! When I went to the first Gulf War, I shot 3,000 colour slides and about the same in black and white. The cost of the film and subsequent filming was alarming, to say the least!

    Sandra, You are right - being in a graveyard stimulates the creative feelings.

    Thank you, Lone Grey Squirrel.

    Rain, Thanks. Yes, it is worth moving around a bit to get different shots.

    Hi Margaret, The folded arm makes all the difference as does the look on her face!

    Beth, Glad you feel like that. Certainly, help yourself. I look forward to seeing the end result. I have had a great weekend so far - three separate cemetery visits,albeit hobbling about!



  9. Hi Laurie, was in Paris all day today, to see the Warhol exhibition at the Grand Palais (disappointing imho)among other things... but no cemetery visits, so am arriving late to this, but in any case, I suspect you know already how I feel about lovely angels like this one, the more lichen the better... she's a beauty.

  10. Owen, welcome back. Warhol - saw him at Tate Modern in London - didn't like it at all . . . I know - heresy!

    Hope you got my googlemail email I refered to in my comments on the mad parrot photograph.

    I am afraid I have managed three cemeteries in two days and collected a wealth of material including a large sinking cemetery plot - entry at one's own risk, says the warning notice, but well worth it!