Friday, 8 May 2009

Tree 4 - A Warning!

Of course, sometimes you have to be a bit careful when communing with trees. Once in a while you come across a grumpy tree. I looked up just in time to see this old tree about to grab me, but I managed to grab a shot before jumping out the way! I seem to remember hearing several tales about non-believers and sceptics leaning against old oaks and being subsumed into the bark. Not a nice way to go, but people should remember trees have feelings and deserve a lot more respect - especially the grumpy ones . . .


  1. I agree, it could be most dastardly
    To find oneself in the clutches
    Of a contrary tree
    Best to be
    On good terms with trees
    And do not associate with
    The sort of human sleaze
    Who think nothing of
    Cutting down trees
    In wasteful ways
    Better to walk softly
    In the vicinity
    Of trees
    And come to them
    Bearing buckets
    Of cool Spring breeze...

  2. Wow! I love the power of that shot Laurie, it really 'gets' the power of all those tree years, wonderful - I feel quite exillerated now!

  3. an ominous foreboding shot with all those arms reaching out...glad you escaped..

  4. Laurie, you are so funny! I can't stop laughing! and Owen, that's a great poem with a great tree message! Best, Margaret

  5. This certainly is a grumpy tree, Laurie! I've met a few of those in my day, too. I'm loving your tree photos.
    Cheers, Gigi

  6. That tree does look like it has you in it's clutches. Great angle. The tree probably let you get away because you took such great pictures of his friends.

  7. Owen,
    Thank you. A powerful poem indeed!

    Fellow bloggers,
    I am glad you enjoyed my lucky escape. I was especially interested in learning that Gigi had met a few grumpy trees herself. See - I am not alone!
    Best wishes