Sunday, 31 May 2009

Paris Dogs Cemetery - Another Find!

Looking for some more material to post, I came across another two large albums of vintage grave art, cemetery, funeral related postcards from around the world. The earlier posts of mine on the Paris Dogs Cemetery were very popular and people won't be surprised to know that they are among the most viewed of any posts I have made to this blog. I was surprised to find another card on the subject, having no knowledge of it being in my collection, but - hey, it must be to do with the passage of time!

It is such a beautiful memorial to a dog much loved by his family and, by the looks of it, a real character!


  1. Oh, this might be my favorite, so personal...

  2. Really beautiful monument, and after my very recent visit there, one that I'm 99.9% sure is no longer there. It is not a very big place, and I scoured every aisle three times the other day looking for another monument that I had seen years ago, and could not find. A man who works there told me that many grave markers had been damaged in bad weather over the years and removed, as well as some turnover, old graves cleared out to make way for new. I'm sure I would have rememembered this, I really don't think it is there any more... so your card is an important piece of Dog Cemetery history... what a collection you must have ! Hoping to see more !