Sunday, 15 March 2009

Just A Boy On A Bicycle

This boy is happy. It is his birthday. He is 11 and is wearing long trousers for the first time to get used to them when he goes to senior school in September. He smiles broadly because he has been given his first ever bicycle of his own. Second hand it may be, but he doesn't care. He is now an independent traveller for the first time! He loved that bike and rode it for hours and hours. Who is he? Why he is me! Oh, how I wish I was a time traveller and could go back to that day and relive it again. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and I could cry as I remember what a wonderful, joyous, happy childhood I had . . .


  1. you certainly look happy with life in the photo - I can remember my 1st bike too which I used so that I could do my paper round. Judith

  2. Thank you Judith - I was happy! A couple of years later, I became a butcher's boy and used a bike with a big basket on the front to deliver sausages to the big houses in my Berkshire village.
    Best wishes

  3. What a great picture! happiness - captured and suspended in time. Love the other old pic too.

  4. OH now you have gone and done it. Making me weepy at remembering my childhood and all my loved ones that have passed on.
    Yet, there is a warm feeling deep inside when remembering and my first bike.

  5. Hello Laurie, many thanks for visiting the hermitage and glad you lied what you found there :)
    Pleased to meet you.... that's a lovely pic on the bike :)
    All best wishes from the house on wheels

  6. Lovely photo and article. I got my first long trousers and bicycle at the age of 11 too. This was back in the late 60s. Things were different then all right.