Sunday, 29 March 2009

A Family at War

Here is a family enjoying a day on the beach. What makes me curious is the inscription on the back of the photograph 'Lyme Regis 1942'. When ever I see photographs of the beaches in wartime Britain, they are always mined and lined with barbed wire as a precaution against invasion. How, then, is it possible for this family to be photographed on the shingle and to have hired deckchairs for the day? They are not alone as there are at least two other sunbathers in the background.


  1. Hi Laurie, Haven't seen you for awhile--missed you! It looks as though the beach had been thoroughly covered by sandbags against invasion, and the bathers have taken the liberty to be close to the water and maybe some of the first to see the enemy invasion, should it come. Regards, Margaret

  2. Thanks Margaret. The pile of sandbags you point out seems dangerously high. They must have risked life and limb to climb down to the beach! The younger woman has large plaits. I wonder how long it took to plait them? I must look up the history of Lyme Regis and see what was happening in 1942. I seem to remember the Germans carrying out strafing raids on Devon coastal towns around that time.
    Best wishes, Laurie