Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Boy's First Car

A bit of snow wasn't going to put off this young boy enjoying a chance to ride his pedal car. I guess the photograph dates from before the 1914-18 War. It is the sort of toy that would have been beyond the finances of the working class family, so I initially thought he was the child of well-to-do parents. However, look at the condition of the building in the background, especially the ramshackle lean-to or shed with its broken window pane. What's his story, I ask?


  1. A crisp, snowny, Christmas morning - and even though it was freezing out, he had to try out his new gift. Father took the picture, whilst trying not to move the camera too much, he was shivering so. The boy looked sternly, but proudly, towards the camera lens, feeling perhaps two steps closer to being a real man.

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  3. Oh that is lovely and he looks so proud.Oh how times change *sigh*