Sunday, 29 March 2009

Beachcombing can be such Fun!

I think this pair of beachcombers are having a lot of fun and wonder if they saw any shrimps or crabs in the rock pool. I notice they don't have a bucket or net. How I used to love visiting Devon beaches and peering into rock pools. It's surprising what they contain. I must do it again sometime and relive those memories from so long ago. I must be starting to enter my second childhood - the other day I wanted to skip along the pavement and . . . when I was sure no-one was looking I did. Does anyone else do such things or wish they had the courage to do so? Next on my agenda is making sandcastles - hurrah! Now - pass me my bucket and spade!


  1. I wish I could skip and if I could I promise I would do it right along with you and I for one would let everyone watch. LOL

  2. I wish you could skip, too, Maria. What a lot of fun we would have and . . . I am sure others would join in!