Monday, 30 March 2009

A Haunting Mystery

A few months ago, a book was published that has captured the imagination of everyone who glimpses into its pages and the call to read it is passed by word of mouth. That book is The Mystery of the Fool & The Vanisher by David and Ruth Ellwand. I recently read a copy and felt I should recommend it to you.

Part one of this gripping story is told by photographer David Ellwand who, while wandering on the Sussex Downs, finds a deserted house in which there's an old chest containing some extraordinary objects including a set of ancient cylinder recordings. The second part explores the recordings which are a diary of Isaac Wilde, a Victorian photographer on an archeological dig. Determined to prove their existence, he takes a daguerrotype (a photograph which cannot be faked) of a pixie - and then vanishes off the face of the earth. The daguerrotype goes missing. In the final part of this exquisitely illustrated work, having listened to Isaac's diaries, David Ellwand becomes increasingly convinced that pixies exist. But his need to discover the truth might be dangerous. His quest threatens to become an obsession that will change his life forever. This intriguing journal within a journal tells a tale of human folly and otherworldly revenge, leaving the reader to wonder about the magic of the natural world and the mysteries of the imagination.

This book is haunting and quite like no other I have seen. If you like to use your imagination, you will enjoy it so much. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is a tale of the past that has an impact on the present. For more information, click on the book's title in the 'Books to help you think creatively and inspire' box at the top right of this blog. Enjoy!

This book was procured by Hunting Raven Books, Cheap Street, Frome, Somerset (01373-473111). If you are passing, please call in. These are booksellers that really care about readers!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I never know what books to read, but love reading, so always appreciate when someone suggests a good read. I'll add it to my list of books to read, thanks!

  2. it sounds very interesting, shall have to track down a copy! i was looking for a new book to read, thank you!

  3. This book just cries out to be read based on your description. Gotta get it. Here's one for you of a different genre: The Daily Coyote, which incidentally started out as a blog.

  4. Hi Laurie - Great to be back! Books amazing, and I will certainly get it for my bedtime reading! Thanks!

  5. I am glad you all intend to read the book - most curious and puzzling it is, too! Please let me know your own reactions to it.