Thursday, 25 June 2009

Have you ever felt you are not Alone?

Having depressed everyone and myself by publishing the photographs of the sad and unhappy lions at Iford Manor, I found a couple of happier lions at the same location who retain their pride and publish their portraits here.

The first lion glowered at me for daring to take his photograph without seeking permission. Once I had apologised, he posed for me again. As I pressed the shutter button, his head whipped round to stare at something or someone behind me!

When I went to photograph the other lion, he ignored me and, looking very startled, cast his gaze at something beside or behind me. Now I am not easily spooked, but it is a bit disconcerting when you turn around and there is no-one else there! A bit like the Trees, I am starting to think that when I go out with the camera, I am not alone. Perhaps it is a guiding spirit showing me the way to the unusual subjects I come across? I don't know. Do you ever get these feelings?


  1. They have so much character and charm, beautiful photos. I love the stories with the posts.

  2. Very SPOOOOOKY, Laurie... This reminds me of the book by Stephen King, The Shining. The movie didn't contain this part, but in the book, the outdoor topiary animals would move when no one was looking, and stay still when someone was looking.
    Creepy lions there... but I'd say that's much better than depressed!
    It's strange that you would pose this question now... I hadn't had that feeling in many years until last night... No one else was home at about 9pm, I was in the kitchen with just the light from our glowing clock and my smartphone. I was reading an email when I got this very same feeling, that someone was just a few steps away in the other room. It gave me incredible chills, and my eyes watered a bit. It passed in only a few short moments, but I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

  3. There definitiely is something out there, over to the lion's right! And you do have a pride of lions there with a hint of "how dare you?" behind the look. Strange how looks can vary from lion to lion.

  4. Have you seen Jean Cocteau's Orphee or Belle et Bete? Should be on Netflix, you're in for a treat.

  5. You just can't beat a stone lion... well you can... but they wouldn't feel it :-).. or... maybe they would..... hhhmmmmmm
    Nice pictures, I love the second fella, looks like he has a cheekiness going on with him...

  6. Lovely images Laurie, and lovely words too xxx

  7. Oh Laurie, it's you! Owen sent us and I am so surprised because I've only been to your Writing Life blog.
    After falling in love with these lions, easy with your commentary that brings them to life, I'm fairly sure that you do have a guiding spirit showing you things so you can show us. Great post.