Thursday, 25 June 2009

Artist goes Missing!

One of things to be wary of at Iford Manor is the trees. If you look behind many of them, you will find the entrance to a burrow. I am not sure what mythical creature lurks within them, but you need to take care. The unwary can be caught out.

I visited with other artists and spoke to one who painted some distance away from the others. She sought the shade of a tree to keep herself cool. I nodded and smiled as I passed her. Moments later, I looked back and she was gone. People searched high and low for her. All that remains is her chair and her painting kit. No-one has seen her since . . .


  1. I love that tree, I would have been drawn to it as well. I guess I too would be missing.

  2. There used to be a beautiful oak tree near where i lived, it regularly used to eat poems that I fed it... without fail!

  3. It was a poetree..... hahahahahahahahahah!!!

    (this is true though!)

  4. Laurie, am definitely getting worried about you... seems wherever you go, strange events follow close by... it was either the pixies that got her, or maybe just her pixels that got erased into thin air ?

  5. @ watercats : haahhahahohoho, and did the poetree like Edgar Poe poems ? I would wager there was a raven sitting in that tree...

  6. Maybe that tree ate her?

    It has enough lumps and bumps . . .