Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cycling Lessons for All

Back in 1950s England, someone in authority came up with the idea of a National Cycling Proficiency test. Schoolchildren would receive lessons on how to do hand signals when turning left or right and, usefully, weave in and out and round plastic bollards laid in the road. It was not too difficult. How do I know that? Well, I passed the test and received my certificate and lapel badge.

Of course, what was problematical was that, in some of the more rural areas of England, the requirement to sit the test was taken literally and applied ruthlessly by local councils. Here, one council has demanded that household pets - not budgies, parrots or goldfish - undertake the cycling proficiency exam. The picture shows Mrs Fortesque-Smythe attempting to teach Sammy Spaniel how to ride a tricycle. Sadly, there is no official record of whether Sammy passed! Clicking on the photograph to enlarge it, it is plainly obvious that not only would Sammy's legs not touch the ground, but only one is long enough to reach a pedal . . . Remarkable!


  1. Hey, this looks alot like the tricycle Buskitten just posted at Jumble Sale Rabbits today... except hers didn't have a dog on it ! An exquisite tail... errr tale ! Looks like the dog is saying, "OK, someone tell me how to ride this thing, I'm all ears..."

  2. I remember learning to ride my bike back in the day! I never had a bike like THAT, though! And what a talented pup!