Friday, 5 June 2009

Faces in the Trees 1

Today, I took time out to spend a day with the local art society and paint in the Peto Garden at Iford Manor. The Grade I Italian-style garden is famous for its tranquil beauty and was created by architect and designer Harold Peto who lived there from 1899 to 1933. Inspired by Italy and the gardens of Ancient Rome, the unique and romantic hillside landscape with an other-worldly atmosphere. It is characterised by terraces, sculptue and magnificent rural views.

Before deciding on a place to paint, I wandered around the whole garden, taking photographs of many items of interest. I noticed this wooden fence post and was surprised to find the face of a tiny monkey on it. Can you see it, too or is it just a figment of my imagination? Please let me know.


  1. Yes, it's there, as is the old man in the tree above, which is an amazing tree.

  2. Greetings Miss Mapp,

    Glad you can see it and for pointing out the old man to me! Do you see Lucia very often these days?
    Best wishes

  3. Vexing as that Queen bee is, my duty to the citizenry of Tilling necessitates frequent appraisal of her movements. If I am truthful, and I fear I must be, I am worn to the bone with the exertion of the task and fear alas another walk to the butchers with my basket is imminently called for. Your kind solicitude is much appreciated Laurie.
    Best Wishes,
    MM. :-)

  4. What color were those mushrooms you said you ingested before heading to the gardens ???

  5. I see him with his curl straight up.

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  7. I can't figure out if this is an old man, a smiling monkey face, or an Elf!!!

    Great catch!