Friday, 5 June 2009

Faces in the Trees 2

Feel some pity for this poor woodman who stood too close to a tree whose long life he intended to end. Quickly sucked beneath the bark, he remains in torment for as long as the tree shall live. To add to his misery, a wooden plug has been forced into his right eye socket - ughh! There is a moral, here - be kind to trees or you might suffer the same fate!


  1. I find this photo to be amazing. Exquisitely dangerous yet somehow adorable. He could be kindly, but if someone were to mistreat him--watch out!


  2. This may be the best of all... what character he has, yes dangerous, but grumpy, well who wouldn't be with that cork, or mote, in his eye ??? Does he have a "piercing" over the plugged eye? Oh boy, watch out Laurie, he may be pissed at having his photo taken. He may be outside your bedroom window right now? Did Minnie just come running in looking scared ? Is there a scratching sound on your door ??? Hope you have a big chainsaw handy... you may need it !

  3. Reminds me of the Elephant Man.