Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Roman Soldier's Grave and a Teapot

This is a postcard sent to Miss Bennett at 25 Kingsley Avenue, West Ealing, London. The sender records: "This is one of the old Roman Soldiers just found here, There are 9 of them altogether all buried with their various arms and faces to the East". The postage stamp has been removed and the partial postmark that remains gives no clue to date or place of posting. The scribble on the top right of the card reads: "I have got a lovely little Tea Pot" The purchase of the teapot was evidently just cause for defacing the postcard!


  1. Hello there. Thank you for following my blog. I have just updated it.. it has been a while! I love your old postcards. I used to collect postcards when I was was my thing. I see you are a fellow cancerian. I'll stop by again soon.

  2. Thanks Lorna. Glad you like the postcards and that you are blogging again.