Monday, 13 April 2009

Morris Dancing - It's a very English thing!

Today was the 30th anniversary of the Mells Village Day. This Somerset event is better know as Mells Daffodil Day. This year's star guests were the Bathampton Morris Men who danced and danced for all they were worth! Here is a short film of this quaint English custom.


  1. My husband and I came to Cornwall for the Furry Dance in Helston in 2000, and also got to see the Minehead Sailors Horse...we vowed to go back and see the Padstow Hobby Horse one day, but sadly Mike passed away in 2007.

    But ahh, the Furry Dance was wonderful. The dancers, the song played all day, the eating and drinking. Fond memories and I have lots of great photos, as I had a perfect seat, at the intersection of 3 streets, up on a banks window ledge, high enough above the crowd to get some great shots.

  2. Thank you for this post, it took me back to my childhood. my grandparents used to live in the village of calstock & one of my treasured memories is a visit to see morris dancing with them whilst on holiday down there!

  3. I am glad you both have good memories raised by the morris dancing video. There was an 'Obby Oss' on Monday, but it was so scrawny, it needed a good meal! I feel a touch of envy as I have always wanted to see the Helston Furry Dance.
    Best wishes

  4. After watching the dance, I wish I could be drinking what they were drinking! All kidding aside, it reminds me of dancing around the maypole on May Day!