Thursday, 23 April 2009

Paris Dog Cemetery Update

Owen of the marvellous 'Magic Lantern Show, blog has taken the time to visit the dog cemetery in Paris that has created so much interest. See an example of his fantastic work (above) - Copyright Owen Phillips 2009).

His two posts are available on the following link:

Paris Dog Cemetery Chapters 1 and 2

Aside from the above, I would recommend you all visit Owen's blog. He has an eye for composition, the unusual, the surreal and much more. I enjoying viewing his great photographs and the accompanying words. Go there now and enjoy!


  1. I love Owen's site Laurie - what an interesting guy! Great to see all his quirky images around France, and loved the bit about Mr Bojangles, awesome stuff!

  2. Hey Laurie, you are too much !!! Jeez, how does a guy say "thanks" for that post ??? I know, listen, you just won two free tickets for a visit to the Paris Dog Cemetery, for yourself and a friend of your choice. As for the weekend in Paris, well, my wallet isn't quite up for that part !!! I guess my ancestors must have been part Scottish... ;-} But if you get there, be sure to let me know in advance, I'll be happy to show up if available... my wife wants to see the place again now too, after seeing the pix from the other day. And just for this post, am going to put some more pictures up in a few minutes...

    PS And thanks to you too Buskitten for those kind words... just promise not to tell anyone else now, ok, I don't want the blog to get too popular too fast ! LOL !!!

    Sorry to hear you're having some leg trouble... get well fast, ok, you need two good knees to hike the streets of Asnières to get to the Cemetery.

  3. Liz,
    He is good, isn't he? I see Joanna's joined his site as well.

    Well deserved praise indeed for you. Looking forward to the next lot of pics - you didn't get Rin Tin Tin I suppose?

  4. I did indeed "get" Rin Tin Tin, and the photo is now posted, along with three more; and there are still a few more to come, it really is an extremely photogenic place... anyway, for a guy like me with a soft spot for dogs and cats ! And now I'm off for my beauty sleep, it's late ! Happy Friday !

  5. Planting a garden is supposed to be good for a person, but it sounds dangerous. Maybe I'll stick to the Farmer's Market!

  6. Although I only discovered your blog a short while ago, when I was asked to pass on the Kreativ blogger award, you were among the first to come to mind. I love the pictures you create in my mind. Congratulations.

  7. Hey Laurie, I just wanted to let you know that I received and answered your e-mails, but then I got a horrid message back saying my mails could not be delivered... I hate it when that happens, so here is the answer to one message :

    Hi Laurie,
    Yes indeed, I saw Liz's comment in the comments on your post, and was
    looking at her blog, and left a comment there... which she responded to by
    posting pictures of her old VW Camper... which I responded to today by
    posting pictures of my old VW bus...

    So, many thanks again for facilitating all these communications. Also, when
    I posted the three "kitch" photos from the dog cemetery, just before Rin Tin
    Tin, I linked back to your blog, encouraging people to drop in. . . wasn't
    sure if you saw those 3 photos yet ?

    All best wishes,

    And this is the second one that got blocked :

    Was away from my email for a few days, out in Brittany, just got back

    I am completely alright with that, and am really pleased, thrilled, what
    have you, if my work is giving pleasure. . . that's why I started the blog,
    having no idea where it would go, but hoping to reach people who would
    appreciate the photos in some way, shape, or form... and now all the
    feedback coming in is totally encouraging.

    So, did you see the picture of Rin Tin Tin's grave ? More photos coming soon
    from the Dog cemetery...

    Many thanks for your support, I can't tell you how much it means to me. . .


  8. these are very nice and interesting.