Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pembrokeshire Angel

And to cater for those who look forward to seeing more of my Angels. Here is the only one in St David's graveyard. Even this has attracted the Lichen which crawls across her face. Do remember to click on the images for a close up look, especially the top image.


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    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  3. Hi Laurie, hope your knees are feeling better ! Love your angels and tombstones here, I don't think I've ever seen a tombstone with quite that much lichen on it, must have a micro climate there with perfect conditions for lichen growing !

    Well, how can I thank you for passing on the Kreative Blogger award ??? You are really something ! You already won two free tickets to the Dog Cemetery... so I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on now. In any case, I really appreciate your support and thoughtfulness... and judging by the above comments, you are starting to get supporters around the world... excellent ! Best, Owen

  4. Hi Laurie - thank you for being a follower - I just love graveyards, stone angels and your photos - going to have a ramble over to your other blog too!

  5. Imagine having to die once in the real world and then again in the afterlife as an angel from "St. Anthony's Fire." Interesting affect on her face and decollete.
    Laurie, I'm so glad you're back and in fine form! With my best wishes, Margaret

  6. Love your posts on these wonderful pieces of history! i have never come across so much lichen! beautiful angel.

  7. Glad your up to posting again and feeling better. Hope your recovery continues. Love the photos, such an unusual subject.

  8. Hello Laurie
    Your beautifull country has several mysterical old graveyards. I saw some in Cornwall and the Lake District. The pictures of the stone angels are sublime, a good subject for a drawing or painting. Thank you for following.
    Regards from Belgium!

  9. Nice to see a Blog with pictures of the area I live in ( By the way I live in Tenby )

  10. so pretty! i love your photos!!

  11. Hi Laurie, saw your comments today... great to read you. I was just getting ready to put up some more pictures from the Dog Cemetery today... been too busy these past few days!
    Take care...

  12. Hello Laurie,

    Thanks for following me, even though I've not done anything new lately :)

    I have to tell you that I adore these angels and the headstones...you are a girl after my own heart. These are amamzing--thanks!