Thursday, 3 March 2011

What's in a Sign?

As I drove home the night before last, I saw a sign that caused me to stop my car and take a photograph. It's funny. When I am sub-editing at work I always look out for other meanings for words and phrases. This certainly caught my attention. I know people hang pheasants for a couple of weeks to ensure the meat is high. What I hadn't appreciated is that beef is sometimes treated similarly. I am still thinking about the first image that came into my mind when I read this sign. Phew! The mind boggles.

Then I remembered a sign I had seen a few months ago. It's funny how you can read meanings differently. When I first passed this, I read it as 'Children Playing Dead - Slow'. I then pondered why children were playing dead - must be some sort of game, I thought. Next time I passed by, I read it as 'Children Playing Dead Slow' and wondered what sort of game was played in slow motion! What signs have caught your attention?


  1. LOL ! Can you get us a picture of that Angus ?

  2. Wonderful signs!

    I remember a billboard alognside California freeway out in a rural area that said "Assblowers" and then gave a phone number. I still have no idea what it meant.

  3. LOL! They need to rethink their PR, its doesn't sound very appealing does it!

  4. Owen, I tried but didn't have a large enough lens!

    TAL, Assblowers - what can I say?!!

    Thanks, Gale. I am enjoying your interesting posts of late.

    CP - Well it might appeal to some :-)