Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another French Mystery!

Two more images taken from the large collection of glass plate negatives. I like them very much but am baffled by what they represent. Do any of my French experts have any idea what is going on, please? Taken about 1910, they obviously represent their respective communes, La Selle sur-Le-Beid and St Hilaire les Andresis, but why are they doing it? So far, I have thought of Trade Unions, maybe or a representation of a call to arms? Maybe there is still a festival in France where people do this, still? I would love to know! Thank you. [I have looked again at the photograph below. There is a Republic of France logo in each corner of the flag. Could the woman pictured on the banner be Joan of Arc? Certainly not, Marie Antoinette - unless of course you know otherwise?] [I now wonder if this could be Fete du Travail - Labour Day?]
Commune la Selled sur-Le-Beid (current population 921)
St Hilaire les Andresis (current population 863)


  1. Could they be orders of the Knights of Columbus showing their French citizenship? That's a little far-fetched!

  2. Thanks, Margaret. Your joshing me. I'll still look them up, thought! :-)