Friday, 25 March 2011

Group Portraits

I thought I would share a trio of group portraits with you. I rather like them. I wish I had images like these in my family photograph albums!

Four sisters are persuaded to stand still long enough to capture this delightful portrait.
The girl on the left is determined not to let go of her hoop!

The slimey seaweed hasn't put this family off. Note the rather dated swimsuits.
The poor boy on the left looks fed up with so much female company!
Now these look a happy bunch. I wonder what is in the jug. Cider?


  1. Oh I love these; would also love to have a feel of the fabric of the girls' dresses in the top photo. And I can recall my first swimming costume - a school one in 1947, it was green wool and hairy and when you got into the water it weighed a ton, and itched.

  2. Family photos...there is always one in the crowd that wishes they were somewhere else...that's timeless!