Sunday, 20 March 2011

Military Pet Cemetery

I once spent a couple of weeks on assignment at Fort Lewis, Washington. The fort remains one of the largest military bases on American soil. On a rare afternoon off, I discovered the pet cemetery. A peaceful setting for these members of military families. Some of the more modern graves [see the last image] were made from wood and had the details burned on. Unvarnished, I wonder how long they lasted. Taffy, whose grave is pictured below, certainly did a few tours of duty with the McGrew family. I wonder where the family is now?



  1. The little crosses are so sweet. Mano's life seems to have been cut short, but Taffy lived for 15 years traveling all over the world! Did he die in Georgia and then his remains were transferred to Washington for interment?

  2. I buried my dog there , never thought to take pictures.I'm wondering how it looks now.

  3. does anyone know if you can still get to the cemetary? I was trying to find it today and it looks like it is now blocked off.