Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sad End for Small Creatures revisited

After publishing yesterday's post about the dead moles hung on a fence, I had a bit of a disturbed night thinking about the circumstances of this occurence. Today, I made the decision to revisit the site with a different camera. I had a number of reasons for doing this.

I kept thinking about the person who hung the moles on the barbed wire and what he or she was thinking about as each was impaled. I could have found myself stood behind them in a supermarket queue and have absolutely no idea what their day job was.

I don't know why, but having reported from Bosnia and Sarajevo in the past when ethnic cleansing was at its peak and life was considered cheap, I couldn't help thinking about some of the more terrible events of the Second World War . . . when the life of some was thought of as worthless.

Revisiting, also provided a chance to get a rare closer looker at some of the physical characteristics of this small, disliked creature. The powerful front claws that moved the earth so easily as it moved underground, the smaller back feet and the pointed sensitive nose that helps notoriously badly-sighted mole find its prey - the earth worm!

Here, then, are more images that I think capture something of what I have just been writing about. The latter shots make me think of abandoned glove puppets . . .


  1. Yes, the do look like puppets waiting to be transformed.

    My problem is I like the little guys. I like gophers. I used to rescue gophers from my cat, put them in a box, then take them to the field and find a gopher hole and tell them, "Look, I know this might not be your home, but just go down the hole. I'll keep kitty inside for a couple hours so use your time wisely."

  2. I remember reading Robert Graves 'Goodbye to all That'where he writes about the copses on the barbwire changing colours from red, white, blue to finally black as they decomposed.