Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Camera Shy!

This happy soul looks relaxed and enjoying her stay at Butlin's Luxury Holiday Camp. Hang on, luxury? I thought people stayed in chalets? Anyway, relaxed is not the demeanour of the man behind who is concealing his face behind his hand. Is that his wife alongside? I think not! Tut, tut!


  1. Butlin's Holiday Camp. I remember this name and always thought it funny. Why do they call them holiday camps? It's not necessarily a holiday and you're not camping. I've never understood why they didn't call them resorts.

    And that gentleman most definitely didn't want his picture taken. Poor fellow.

  2. HAHA!

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  3. It was probably a private detective who took the picture don't you think ? Just pretending to photograph the (rather homely) woman in the foreground, while actually capturing the background... and probably interested himself in that long exposed bare leg there... Hope he didn't have to offer the lady in the flowery dress drinks or dinner or something after taking her picture, she looks like she could be a bit of a battle-axe... in French I think the term "a remedy for love" could be used here.