Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hidden Treasures 2

Well, I have just completed the seemingly endless task of scanning the glass plate negatives. I underestimated the total - around 50. I also found some film negatives as well from which I will also draw for future posts. But, for now, here is a another selection of images.

Taking a Dip
This photo shows a really informal side to Edwardian life. Judging by the series of photographs scanned today, this is the Lady of the House. She has encouraged her dog to leap in the lake, but is still in charge. Note her extended hand which is encouraging the small lapdog in the grass to stay where it is. Mind you, lapdogs don't normally go swimming!

Bid for Freedom
This is surreal. Here, young cadets at a nautical college are learning to sail a dingy in a water tank. I imagine the hull is fixed, but the sails and sheets can be handled as one would at sea. Quite remarkable!

What line of Work are they in?
Not sure what these chaps do, but there are confusing clues around them. A pile of stones in front and horseshoes on the building behind. From what I can remember about horseshoe folklore, you are supposed to hang them with the open end upwards. This is so the shoe can catch the good luck falling to earth. The other way round lets the good luck out!

He knows his Place
Having seen some of family groups, I think the Landowner is on the right and one of the gamekeepers to the left. I wonder if they are just setting out to shoot a bird or two. Note the impressive leather gaiters.


  1. Two of the horseshoes are the right way up. Maybe they were blacksmiths. Really interesting photos. Do you need a special gadget to scan black and white negatives_

  2. These are all so wonderful. Dare I say how jealous I am of how great it must be when these appear on the screen for the first time. So glad you bought the scanner!

  3. Hi Rosie, glad you liked them. I recently bought an excellent scanner that lets me scan negatives - Epson V700. Tattered and Lost who comments after you has recently done a really good post about scanning.

    T and L, I am amazed by the quality and all thanks to seeing your post on the subject. Thanks again.