Friday, 23 July 2010


About ten years ago, I was walking around an open air car boot sale and saw four large photographs lying on the ground. I duly paid my 50 pence and they became min. I find this woman captivating and because she seems so relaxed in front of the camera, I wonder if she was an actress? I recognise one of the locations which makes me think it was a West Country holiday or even a honeymoon? I can't quite pin down the fashions, but probably late 1920s to early 19302. Any fashion historians out there with an opinion on this?

Pretty as a picture

Sat on the quay at the fishing port of Brixham in south Devon
A Cornish or north Devon harbour?
The top of a gravestone is visible as pigeons are fed


  1. Your collection is like Ali Baba's cave ! No end of treasures within...

    The boy peering over the cliff is priceless.

    A fine weekend to you Laurie...

  2. Thanks, Owen. If you could see the number of boxes of treasures, you would be surprised. I know I am. Don't look down!
    Have a good one, too, Owen.