Monday, 22 March 2010

A Weight on their Minds

Little is know of the Westwood family from Foxton, New Zealand, but the attached photographic postcard made them famous. All right, the portrait is just of parents with their seven children. However, what is remarkable is the two children in the front, Wilfred and Ruby. At age 11, Wilfred weighs 21st 12lbs while Ruby, aged 15, is 17st 4lbs. I wonder what caused their immense weight and why just them? They must have got taller and heavier as they grew up. Does anyone know more about them>


  1. Where do you find these things ??? Poor kids... You said "They must have got taller and heavier as they grew op." Might be better in the conditional... "... if they grew up."

  2. I just did a quick search for them here in NZ but didn`t come up with much. It looks as if Ruby died in Oct 1912 ( I think she was born in 1894), so only lived to the age of 18 years.