Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Boy and a Horse

A boy and his horse. Well, the horse was his while he posed for his parents in the photographer's studio. It must have seen a succession of children holding it as it is certainly well worn. Delightful! I wonder if he grew to be one of the Two Little Boys? Check out the laces on his shoes.They seem very large.


  1. You find the oddest pieces of history ! What does it say in lower right corner of image ?

  2. Oh my, it looks to be covered in real fur!

  3. Just imagine what that horse would be worth today if shown on Antiques Roadshow.

    Such a cute, sweet, and confused little boy.

  4. Owen, The impressed wording is the name of the photographer and the town of Bridgend in Wales. As you say, I seem to attract the Odd!

    Hi @eloh. Real fur? Eeeek!

    TaL - pots of money, probably. I think the boy had the confused look because a strange photographer was telling him to look this way and that. I seem to remember a photograph of my Father taken in 1914 (aged 5) wearing a dress (!) which seemed to be the custom way back then. This boy was lucky in being able to wear trousers. MInd you they also used to let the boy toddlers hair grow long like a girls and style it into ringlets . . .

  5. Though my father did not have to wear long hair, was a first generation Scottish American with parents very set in their ways and one of them was to dress him oh so proper in short pants. He still has bad memories about it. None of the boys in the rural area he lived in wore short pants. He was so thrilled to get long pants.