Friday, 26 March 2010

Tom Thumb

Another find at a bric-a-brac fair was a photograph of Tom Thumb who was 39" high. This midget should not be confused by the earlier General Tom Thumb who worked for Barnham's Circus or for The Modern Tom Thumb or others who have adopted the name over the years.


  1. AH, I was going to say that this is the "roughest" picture I had ever seen of him... PT Barnum's Tom Thumb. I didn't realize the name was used by more than one around that same time.

    67 is pretty old for one of these little folks. He looks pretty healthy though.

  2. He looks more like a Thomas to me. Those really were the days, for better or worse (in this case)

  3. Now how come you get to have so much fun, out poking around bric a brac fairs all the time ??? What a crazy assortment of oddities from the past you've been finding... do keep them coming...