Friday, 12 March 2010

Trapped in a Tree!

Of course, if you start wandering around cemeteries in the dark, there is always a possibility that a cemetery tree might suck you in. I didn't notice this poor chap at first - at least, not until I heard a slight groan and a whispered help. What should I do? I don't know! But I wonder how long he has been there and has he been missed?


  1. This reminds me of a book I read nearly 50 years ago.... can't remember anything except faces and spirits trapped in trees and later in the things made from it.

  2. Gosh, @eloh. If only you could remember the title!

  3. Not sure what sort of coffee you're drinking in the morning, but you might want to think about changing brands... ?

    Just kidding... the tree though, the tree is looking a little bit green about the gills, so maybe having a little trouble digesting its catch. You might not want to be around when it vomits it all back out...

    This reminds me I need to go back and check on the tree near where I live here that was eating a sign, it's been quite a while, I wonder if it has finished chewing...

  4. Isn't it amazing how faces seem to hide in wood? I have doors in my house that the grain is full of faces. They're like little sprites all around. The weirdest I ever saw were some logs burning in the fireplace that looked like a face staring out. Ran and got my camera just in time before it disappeared.

    I love this one in the tree watching over the graveyard. Sort of like the trees on the way to Oz except nice.

  5. Hi Owen, It would be nice to see an update on your munching tree.

    TatLos - I would love to see your doors - fantastic! Did you manage to photograph the face in the fire? The stone wall next to my driveway is smothered in faces and creatures. I must take time to snap some.

    Thank you, Sharon. So do I!

  6. Laurie, I finally found the photo of the face in the fire and have emailed it to you. Haven't taken any photos of the ones in the doors. I need to do that. I do remember at my old place that one night I looked at my faucet in the bathroom and realized it had been staring at me for years. I took a photo and sent it to my best friend. She's never let me forget that.