Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Celebrating the 200th post - Damn!

Two hundred posts - it's a miracle! If I hadn't been commuting so far, it could have been 500, but I am managing to 'manage' my fatigue and my time so have been posting again. Thank you all!

That said, you might be wondering why added a curse to the Title of this post. Well, I recently found an curious card sent by a young lady in 1905. For the time, I think it was probably thought of as quite risque. It consists of a series of hand-drawn portraits of members of a family and their dog. They are not the most handsome and pretty people you will have seen, but the title makes me laugh - 'The Whole Dam Family'
And the last portrait of all is of 'The Dam dog'. Outrageous! It also seems there was a series of them as it is recorded as being part of the A-dam Series . . . Has anyone see similar?

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