Saturday, 4 July 2009

American Centenarian in Bath Cemetery

In the past twenty-four hours, I have done three cemeteries. Now that sounds awful - done! It's a figure of speech, I know, but what I meant was that I have visited three cemeteries and taken hundreds of photographs . . . So self-criticism over, I thought I would publish a photograph taken this afternoon of the grave of an American who died at the age of 101. My reason? Just because it is the Fourth of July!

Frederick W Cole was born in Constantia, New York in 1885 and he died in Bath in 1986. Quite why he was in Bath, I don't know. I was surprised to see the name of someone else on the headstone - another elderly man named Alan Walter Elphick who died on 17 October 2003 aged 92 years. The grave is in the Perrymead Roman Catholic Cemetery.


  1. Wow, I wonder what Mr Cole was doing in Bath at age 100 ??? And was Alan Elphick a close friend of Frederick or something, that they should be named on the same stone, though Alan died 17 years later? Mysteries... and no doubt many more mysteries to come in those hundreds of photos ?

  2. They must have been lovers and vowed to be buried together while they probably couldn't be together in life.

    And thanks for the tribute to the 4th of July. You're probably better off without us!