Saturday, 25 June 2011

Reject the Demon Drink!

I am temperance, but I never got one of these. It was given to a young child who joined the Band of Hope union. The organisation began life in Leeds in 1847 with the aim of teaching children the importance and principles of sobriety and teetotalism. According to Wikipedia, it was set up in an era when hard liquor was generally viewed as a necessity of life, next only to food and water, the Band of Hope and other temperance organisations fought to counteract the influence of pubs and brewers, with the specific intention of rescuing 'unfortunates' whose lives had been blighted by drink and teach complete abstinence.


  1. Fascinating. 100 years later - in Leeds - I was pledging to "do my best for God and the King" as a young Girl Guide. I was only aware of the demon drink through reading (though not at age ten!) Branwell Bronte et al

  2. Fabulous... in these dissolute times, is there hope for humanity yet ? A band of hope... hope they made sweet music...

    I don't care for hard liquor, but a drop or two of fine French wine with a good meal doesn't go against my religion... :-)