Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Can Photograph Albums survive the Digital Age?

Here is a link to a fascinating article  described as 'An evocative survey of photo albums captures the history of American photography - and asks whether we'll ever impose order on our sprawling digital collections?' Click HERE to read it.

Reading the article lead me to think about my own photographic collection. I have more than 20,000 images on my MacBook laptop which take up no room at all. Pre-digital collections are different. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of prints and negative wallets, each of which contain 36 photogaphs. I also have boxes and boxes of 35mm transparencies. Together they take up huge amounts of space. Oh, how I wish there was a Scanning Fairy who overnight could transform them all into digital images. I have not come across one yet, but if you have one with time on its hands, please send it over!

Sante Fe 2002

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  1. Over here they're called Costco. I know of people who have taken their 8mm movies, slides, etc. and gotten back a nice disk. Me...I'm like you, tons to scan. I do try to keep some order using Bridge until it gets out of order again.