Sunday, 26 June 2011

Posing for the Camera

Is it me or do some of these young children look slightly sinister. The images were all taken by an Edwardian photographer and have been reprinted from the original glass plate negatives.

A gigantic whip for such a small pony!

Another whip for a wooden horse

Anyone for Tennis?

Does the book indicate she can read?

Do you think she might be related to Gulliver?

Hang on. The carpet is showing!


  1. Amazing how menacing children can look sometimes and sometimes they stay that way forever.

  2. What, you don't like kids with whips?

    Each one looks like a bit character from the Omen.l

  3. I think it was the way it was - I have family photos going way back; very formal, but nothing like these. It would be interesting to know their history, - and the mindset of parents who wanted photos like these! Excellent recapturing from the glass plates - they must have been well-preserved and cared for all these years.

  4. Priceless Laurie... Visions from another age... and their clothing, some of them it seems they could barely move in such costume... let alone crack their whips or tennis racket...