Friday, 17 June 2011


I found a catalogue of surgical instruments the other day. Some of the items on sale frightened me no end. Well, to be quite honest, nearly all of them did so! Here are some sample pages. Ouch! Click once, and then again, for an enlarged view of the instruments!


  1. Ugh. As someone who just had two wisdom teeth pulled out this week, whilst very much awake - these made me shudder!

  2. Fabulous Laurie ! Don't know if I ever mentioned to you, but my father was a professor of medecine, and loved medical history, so we got a lot of this sort of stuff growing up. If you enjoyed these catalogs, the next time you are in Paris you should visit the medical school museum at the Odeon metro stop, boulevard Saint Germain... there are some amazing tools in that collection. The ones for removing kidney stones left me speechless ! Today there are less invasive procedures, happily !