Saturday, 29 January 2011

Strange Day in a Lancashire Cemetery

Over the past few years, I have taken some 25,000 digital images - many of them in cemeteries. What has been remarkable is that of all those shots I have taken, only about half-a-dozen failed to come out. I recently went to a cemetery that I had heard about and was excited at the prospect. I was disappointed at the results and have been thinking about it a lot.

I realised that I hadn't felt relaxed when photographing part of the cemetery and closer scrutiny revealed some interesting photographs. I share a few of them with you here. Pay particular attention to the last one. Has anyone else had any unusual experiences while photographing graves? I'd be interested to hear about it!

There were a lot of coffin-shaped tombs 
I mean lots of them!

A number of headstones had blood red stains down them

This large recumbent stone had long been covered over and had recently been partially uncovered . . .

A crumbling window at the chapel. Note the ornate flower

Note also the golden glow behind the glass

What caused this glowing light? There was no sun on the building.
I  couldn't look in as I held the camera above my head to get this photograph

This spooked me a little. Is that an evil eye?

From a different angle.

A dull red glow behind the this portrait . . . It was not there on the preceding shot
which showed the headstone full-length

My final shot. Now, if I was holding up the camera to my eye with both hands, then who or what is this?


  1. Most assuredly some odd things going on there Laurie... Were you looking over your shoulder to make sure your weren't being followed by someone holding and array of different colored lights ??? And the music that was playing must have been...

    Yes, very mysterious !

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  2. Thanks, Owen - I was alone except for, maybe, . . .

    Your choice of music was very apt!


  3. No one can go to the cemetery and be entirely alone. Most of us mortals just don't know it.

    Okay, I just made that up. But your photo seems to prove it.

    I love cemeteries and always said I wanted to take lots of photos of them, but have actually done very few. I guess I'd better get busy.

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Whilst taking a photo of one particular tombstone in Zorgvlied cemetery, my camera just couldn't focus in on it.
    I took a different photo of another grave, just to see if the camera was playing up, but it took a sharp, crisp image.
    I went back to it and the fuzzy out of focus thing happened repeatedly again. I did manage to take a shot, but it's quality is not so good and unlike any of the others I took that day !!
    Strange but true..........

  5. I have only once felt spooked in a graveyard - at the abandoned church at Richard's Castle. I may have posted about it in one of my blogs. Yet I have been in other equally abandoned graveyards (Castle Camps, Cambs) and felt nothing but peace. And both have been at the same time of year. The latter in 2010 and the first in June this year. There's a strange feel in parts of Tewkesbury Abbey (Wars of the Roses), but one is never alone there for sufficient length of time to absorb the atmosphere. Something worth thinking about and documenting, though I think I'd rather write word-whispers than create images; for I wonder how much of these experiences are in the mind?

  6. Funnily enough, I once travelled from Gibraltar to Huelva in Spain to visit and photograph the grave of The Man Who Never Was. Not one of my colour photos came out. I did however get one usable shot in black and white. I found it recently and will post it in due course.

    Anne, sounds fascinating - RIchard's Castle. I was once taken to the site of a disused wartime hospital in Gloucestershire and movement around it was like walking through treacle - most alarming and distinctly odd!

  7. Funny and quite puzzled but one of your photos the ones with the glowing light inside the building sort of gave me the creeps after looking at it.

  8. That greenish tinged statue... something not quite right there.