Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Another Creature Emerges from the Bark!

In Chorley Cemetery today, I was startled when this creature started to push its way out of a tree! With its clenched fists, it reminded me of the White Rabbit in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - I have always wondered what had happened to him?


  1. Remarkable. This reminded me of a tangental incident: when we were playing 'Boggle' last week with some o our grandchildren; you stare at the letters and see words, and then when they awing the box around, all looks different and the word-patterns disappear. So I guess, had you and I walked past that tree simultaneously, you would have seen White Rabbit, and I would have seen - well a Goblin. I feel a word-whisper coming on ! Happy new year and all the best for 2011. (Do you know the work of illustrator Arthur Rackham? His creatures in the trees used to terrify me when I was a small child, early 1940s.)

  2. Thanks, Ann. I have heard of Arthur Rackham and seen lots of his illustrations, but have never come across the creatures in trees. Any idea what book(s) they appeared in?

  3. Just love it when you start seeing the world around you coming alive...

    Could be the tree grew up around the bones of a rabbit there, now just expressing themselves... one never knows...

    Happy hunting Laurie, keep those eyes peeled...