Sunday, 16 January 2011

Something Happened Here!

For many weeks, I have travelled a country road. Late one afternoon I glimpsed a chimney peeking out from some trees. Last week, I had the opportunity to stop and investigate. As I negotiated the tuffets of dead grass and got closer, I saw it was a ruined house. As I got to the rusty gate, I noticed it was surrounded by barbed wire. I was able to steal a few glimpses through the undergrowth which are shared with you here. As I left the site, I saw something macabre that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I will reveal what it was in my next post . . .

This was the view as I approached

The rusting gate was tied shut with barbed wire

I could see an empty doorway

A fallen beam was visible

Part of the wall had fallen away

More collapse inside

Is that a sign of fire?

No birds roost here

A final glimpse


  1. Mmmm, a fabulous find ! This is what I would most certainly call a dream house...

    Can't wait to hear more about the macabre discovery... you certainly know how to whet our imagination. And remember, barbed wire was made to be cut or climbed over, or slithered under. Just beware falling bricks and timbers...

    I very recently learned about a gentleman named Richard Nickel, who in the US some time back was documenting abandoned buildings that had been built by an architect he admired. He worked at photographing such places until he died in an accident in an abandoned building when a stairwell collapsed on him...

  2. What? What? These old buildings are great. There are many abandoned villages in Spain which are amazing to walk around...but what did you find?