Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Worry! Worry! Worry!

Now that the snow is thawing, I am starting to worry. What about, you might ask? Well, this afternoon, I came across a melting snowman on a lawn and have started to worry what happens to snowmen and women when they disappear.

Do they seep into the ground, end up seeping into a flowing river that joins the sea and get sucked up in the clouds - there to wait until next winter - or what? Am I alone in worrying about the fate of snowpersons? If anyone can ease my worries, please let me know?


  1. They evaporate into a vortex that allows them to travel the world on the jet stream. Your snowman today may be the snowman in Tokyo tomorrow. No waiting in airports. No body scans. Just free floatin' the world! For the past few days several thousand of them have been puddling in my front yard. I'm assuming they'll be leaving soon with intentions of reforming somewhere in Colorado or perhaps shutting down Ohare in Chicago.

  2. They go back to the land of eternal snow where they came from...

    Or into the ground water, and you end up brushing your teeth with them...

    Perhaps they just come back to haunt your dreams if you wonder too long about such imponderables...

    But I do agree, this is an important question. Tattered gave an excellent answer though...

  3. Now I have something new to worry about. :) Cute post!

    Happy New Year!