Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hillbilly Fart Dancing

I was looking at YouTube videos of Appalachian Dancing when I came across this. If you enjoyed the Baked Beans sketch in the film Blazing Saddles, you will enjoy this. If you didn't, you certainly won't! It made me wonder what the world is coming to? Good Grief! Comments appreciated!


  1. Well, there's not much I can say about that! Its amazing what people post on YouTube!

  2. We are definitely in serious trouble !

    Oooh, what's that rotten odor ???

    Which reminds me of one of the few limericks I know by heart, which appeared in the marvellous Australian film "Breaker Morant":

    There once was a man from Australia
    Who painted his arse like a dahlia
    The color was fine,
    Likewise the design,
    But oh, the aroma was a failure !

    Reading that limerick is your punishment for posting that video...

  3. Thanks CP, As you say - amazing!

    Hi Owen, we certainly are in trouble! Thanks for the limerick - I feel very punished!