Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tea for Five

Taking tea was an enjoyable pastime for the Edwardians. Here a family enjoys a cuppa  or is that a coffee pot. This is an imported postcard so I guess it might be German. I wonder why many of them are looking elsewhere?


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I think they were just having a spot of tea to help them get warmed up before they went off to go participate in "The Ugliest Hats in History" contest...

  2. What an odd picture for a postcard!

    There was a slight wind...(tablecloth)

    and educational.... look at the construction on the bottoms on the "yard chairs" ... that never crossed my mind that they would be so different.. but it sure makes good sense.. kept them from sinking into the ground if it was soft.

  3. Owen, I know - that hats are grotesque!

    @eloh, I must be losing my touch - the shock of moving house - I didn't notice the bottom of the chairs. I wonder if the idea was patented?