Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Pet Cemetery at Christmas

Ever since I published some photographs of decorated graves in an American pet cemetery, I have kept my eyes open for another and this one came along. The Christmas tree on this animals grave is quite spectacular. I find it very moving that the family continues to think of its pet at such a time . . .


  1. I had an elderly cousin who did this sort of thing. She'd go on and on about the coffins she got them. On and on about the wreaths on the graves. But she was feeding her cats and dog pure kidneys. Literally a freezer full of kidneys. The vet told her NO! NO! NO!

    Finally one day I was so fed up with her that I told her unless she started feeding her pets as the vet said she'd better get ready to buy some more coffins and wreaths. I'm not always the most subtle person.

  2. I have never seen a pet cemetery...thanks for posting this.