Sunday, 27 June 2010

It's a Dog's Life

When people use the phrase, it's a dog's life, I guess they don't immediately think of dogs being harnessed to carts or pushes in prams. The two photographs published here demonstrate just that.

Elsie (5) is pictured above. The caption reads: 'Elsie and her Pong (Prince). He seems good natured and I wonder what was in the cart? Below is a young girl with her pram. Pity the poor pooch whose head is peeking out from the blanket, especially as he has some sort of bonnet perched upon his head. Oh the ignomy of it!


  1. Too funny ! Excellent photos, the poor dog in the pram ! And the girls are cute in their white outfits...

    Where on earth do you find these gems ??? !

  2. My two sisters and I had a small dog that we pushed around in a doll buggy dressed as a baby... we have been told she loved it.

  3. Hi Owen - oh, the usual place, the monthly antique fair!

    @eloh - but who told you she loved it? Sounds like a lazy dog to me!

  4. the pooch in the pram! I guess when I think of a days usually conjures up a lazy dog having his water and food provided for him....